Our Mission

The mission of DNA My Horse is to provide competent and reasonably cost breed composition testing for horses.


Accreditation is a method that is utilized all over the world to certify a laboratory's technical competence and capacity to perform accurate and reliable tests.

What is accredited testing and how does it work?

External assessors employ well-established criteria and processes to evaluate a laboratory's technical competence. As you can see from the list below, these elements span a wide range of topics:

  • - Expertise, education, and training of essential personnel.
  • - Maintaining testing equipment up to date and in working order.
  • - The environment in which testing is conducted.
  • - The manner in which samples are handled, recorded, and transported throughout the laboratory, including traceability.
  • - A quality assurance program for testing and calibration of the equipment.

- Ability to recognize and address problems effectively.

All of the above ensures that a laboratory operates to the necessary standards and is capable of performing dependable and accurate tests on a continuous basis. It's also a way to distinguish between accredited DNA testing laboratories' quality.


Quality Customer Service

At DNA My Horse, we strive for quality and excellence in both testing and customer service. Our excellent reputation has been built not only on the accuracy and reliability of our DNA testing, but also on the professional manner in which we manage each customer individually. Click here to learn more about our test.

Our partner laboratory has processed thousands of samples from over 80 countries around the world. Regardless of where the client is located, our team is dedicated to offering the greatest level of customer service.



Reports from the lab will be sent to you through email after we process your horse's hair sample. The report includes ancestry/breed report which includes breed assignments. Please note that we do not allocate percentages.  

We will report any matches for sire and dam of each tested horse, if found.